Maternity Pictures | Preparing for your Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnancy is life’s miracle and we can help you celebrate record your experiences that this wonderful milestone brings to you, your family and your body.  You and your body will be going through remarkable and miraculous changes and we can capture these beautiful moments with professional maternity pictures that you will be able to enjoy time and again.  We are here to capture the beauty, joy, love, and anticipation that radiates from you during your pregnancy.  We can capture your relationship with your unborn child, with the father, siblings and pets as a family together enjoying your relationship with each other.

At times your pregnancy can be a personal experience between you and your unborn child and you want maternity photographs taken to capture those private moments. We can do the maternity portrait session at any stage of your pregnancy but we feel the best time is when you are in your 8th month.  During the 8th  month of your pregnancy, your belly will have fully developed it’s roundness making for amazing maternity photographs, it is also a safe as to our knowledge. However, please consult with your doctor before going to the photo shoot, to ensure your utmost safety.

Pregnancy brings many changes such as heightened sensitivity so it is important that you feel comfortable with your photographer.  We will provide you with a calm atmosphere giving you all the privacy and time you need.  We want your maternity photographs to be everything you expected so that you can treasure these moments forever.  We encourage you to voice your thoughts and feelings so that we can capture the moment just right.


We can capture any pose; you can choose to be wrapped in soft fabrics exposing your beautiful belly with just the right dramatic light to enhance the beauty of the photo.  We can take black and white photographs that will emphasize the shape of your belly using shades of light for a more dramatic artistic look.  You could wear fitted clothing that will enhance the roundness of your belly or you could wear a button down shirt exposing just your belly for a more playful photograph.  We suggest that you wear a black strapless bra or a tube top so that it is easier to wrap and drape garments around you as well as black shorts.  Please feel free to bring a friend or your partner to help you dress and anything else you may need.


Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you are relaxed. Bring the father and  a teddy bear if that is your wish, props can be used.  We suggest that you bring something the baby will use or wear after he or she is born such as a toy or your baby’s first shoes, this will send a message in the photograph of the love you feel for your baby before they are even born.   The studio photo session itself will take up to an hour so if you are feeling tired in any way just let our photographer know so that you may rest when you need to.  Your comfort is our main priority and it is important so that your maternity pictures will depict the moment as a joyous one.  Give us a call today and book your session now so that you can enjoy your maternity memories forever.

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